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Nanovery are a cutting-edge biotech company developing nanorobots that will help diagnose disease at an early stage.

Project supported and funded by ERDF.

Newcastle upon Tyne

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Their Challenge

The push towards proof of concept

We all know that early diagnosis of cancer, and other serious illnesses, can be key to achieving a positive outcome. Nanovery were concerned that although today’s liquid biopsy process is accurate and minimally invasive, it’s also expensive. So it’s not an option for many healthcare providers, who use more traditional methods of diagnosis. Nanovery’s advanced technology reduces both cost and turnaround time for liquid biopsies. Their pioneering project focuses on prostate cancer and liver disease, using nanorobots to capture DNA and RNA and detect cancer-related mutations. But the Nanovery team faced a challenge in moving their ground-breaking work forward. They lacked the necessary resources to conduct laboratory testing and proof-of-concept validation, which was holding them back from getting their innovation to market.

Working with Newcastle University helped us identify gaps in our team and has allowed us to employ more staff and fund PhD students. We have also cemented our relationship with the University's Centre for Cancer.
Jurek Kozyra

Founder CEO of Nanovery

Arrow identified the right support

We connected Nanovery with Dr Luke Gaughan at the Centre for Cancer and Dr Rakesh Heer, a consultant urologist at Newcastle University.

Working together for real results ‘Arrow’s solution for success

Bringing together commercial innovators and scientific specialists is our field of expertise. Nanovery saw a significant acceleration of their project thanks to support from Arrow and Newcastle University.

After identifying the right academics to support Nanovery, we put all the relevant people in touch and kept everyone in the loop throughout the process. A proof-of-concept study was constructed with our specially-selected scientists making sure that it had an excellent clinical and biological grounding. We designed a project plan that worked for everyone. But our input didn’t stop there. Our Arrow Innovation Associates are all skilled experts, ready and able to do the hands-on research and reporting that’s required. Working with Newcastle University and Nanovery, the Innovation Associate undertook specialist laboratory experiments, data analysis and report writing.

Dr Luke Gaughan

Centre for Cancer, Newcastle University

Dr Rakesh Heer

Newcastle University

Jurek Kozyra

Founder CEO of Nanovery

Incredible results happen when we bring the right people together

Thanks to this powerful collaboration, Nanovery’s nanotechnology-based innovation for diagnosis moved to the next stage, marking a major milestone in its route to clinical use.

Nanovery identified their first commercial target and secured additional funding to set up operations in the Biosphere at Newcastle Helix. Their work with Arrow and Newcastle University also led to the creation of new job opportunities as the company expanded its specialist team.

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