Do I qualify for Arrow support?

We work with active businesses who are based in County Durham, North Tyneside, Newcastle and Northumberland. If you’re looking for research, facilities, testing or technical advice to support your ideas, there are experts at one of our four partner universities who could help you.

We’re passionate about supporting all kinds of businesses across every sector. 

What sort of support is available?

One-to-one time with experts

We’ll match you with an expert, or experts, from our universities and deploy an Arrow Innovation Associate to deliver a project tailored to your needs.

Innovation support

We’ll help you to bring new products and services towards their market by sharing insights and knowledge from experts in our universities.

Research and development

Research is key to our universities’ strengths, and we can help you address unknowns in your product or service innovation journey by drawing on our expertise.

Proof of concept and validation

Our experts offer a complementary and evidenced view on your product or service innovation – validating your thinking or challenging your assumptions and proposing alternatives.

Specialist data science expertise

Data exploitation pervades so much of current innovation opportunities, and we can match you with data science experts to identify solutions to your own data challenges.

Research facilities and equipment

Our universities have a trove of specialist equipment and facilities that may offer new insight to unlock innovation opportunities for your product or service.

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